Web Developer / Technopreneur / Freelancer / Traveller / Break-Dancer

"Winning starts with beginning"

  • Hey! An absolute pleasure to have you here :)

    I'm a Software Engineering & Entrepreneurship Master's student at
    University of Limerick, located in Ireland.

    I recently founded my first Startup:
    which helps people connect with each other all over the world.

    I have proven success in building successful web applications.
    I love learning and trying out new things!

    I've worked at a few places too.

    University of Limerick, Ireland
    Sep '15 - May '16

    I am a EU Scholarship Holder for studying my Masters in Software Engineering & Entrepreneurship at University of Limerick, Ireland. The University was awarded as Top University of the year 2015 for international students out of 39 European Universities.

    Aug '13 - Present

    I am a 5 Star Top rated Freelancer on , which is the world's largest online marketplace for freelancers. As a Wordpress Specialist , I have made dozens of full fledge successful websites for businesses all over the world to increase their sales and brand awareness.

    Sep '11 - June '15

    I completed my Bachelors in Computer Science from National University of Science and Technology (NUST). It's a beautiful campus and is ranked in the Top 100 universities aged under 50 in the World. I loved spending time here and met geniuses occasionally.

    Jan '15 - Present

    As a freelancer , I help my clients partners to kick start their web presence and launch startup ideas. I am the front-end guy with proven success in building web applications.

    Aug '11 - Dec '14

    I interned at Swaggable , which is a Silicon Valley based startup that brings brands with potential consumers. I worked as a junior web developer. Designed email templates and made their website responsive.

    Jun - Sep '14

    I redesigned the complete web portal for Xflowresearch which is a venture that specializes in Software Defined Networking (SDN). It is currently located in Sunnyvale, California .

    Cool things I've built over the years

    MG Developments

    Based in Ireland, MG Developments wanted to rewamp their current website into something clean and slick. I designed a fully functional website with better user interface that increased their brand awareness and attracted in more customers.

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    Sabor Dance Studio Site

    International Writers

    A freelance writing business in UK wanted to showcase their services in an impressive form. I designed a minimalist and responsive website to demonstrate their business mission!

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    International Writers UK Site

    Spin and Swim

    One of my partners wanted to show case their Mobile App idea. I designed an attractive app show-case site to demonstrate the app features visually and how it works!

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    Spin And Swim Site

    Canyon Studio

    As part of a freelance project, I designed the web portal for Canyon Studio, a professional dental studio. They wanted to kick start their web presence and show how their system worked in a clear and structured manner.

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    Canyon Dental Studio

    Sabor Dance Studio

    Based in USA, a professional dance studio wanted to kickstart their online presence. I designed a fully interactive site for their dance events with a better user interface to drive more traffic.

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    Sabor Dance Studio Site

    Surf Side Mechanical

    As it is a New Jersey based company, and with their long standing reputation of professionalism they required a well designed, clean and informative website that clearly communicated the ethos and key values of the company.

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    Custom King holding page

    Infotainment Spot

    I am a big fan of Quotations and as a hobby project, I made a MAC-Style online hub for information and entertainment. Included Quotes, Facts, Jokes, Health tips and much more.

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    Light360 website design

    Research is fun.

    I've been fortunate to have been involved in research with Prof Dr Aamir Shafi in High Performance Computing (HPC) research group at, SEECS and presented research paper in Super Computing Conference 2014 in New Orleans, USA.
    Also, successfully selected and volunteered consecutively from past 3 years in the same conference.

    Selected as an international Student Volunteer for SC'15. Participated and helped the Conference community and networking teams to launch the most advance high performance networks for the World's Largest Exhibition and Conference on Super Computing SC'15.

    Super Computing Conference , Nov 2015, Austin, TX, USA

    Teaching Parallel Programming using Java. Participated as a Student Volunteer and Presented research paper in Edu-HPC workshop at World's Largest Exhibition on Super Computing SC'14.
    Aamir Shafi, Faizan Zahid, Bryan Carpenter

    Super Computing Conference , Nov 2014, New Orleans, LA, USA

    Super Computing Conference 2013: I was selected as SCInet Student Volunteer for SC'13. I helped the conference administration and the network team to build fastest and most advance network for the conference. Featuring speeds upto 300Gbps.

    Super Computing Conference , Nov 2013, Denver, CO, USA

    I writing code.

    TalkWithStranger - Online Social Community to Meet New People
    Spring '16 - Present

    As an Entrepreneurial mindset, I have founded . It is currently live and deployed on Amazon EC2 . I used NodeJS and to make a random chat application. Recently, in a new release, I have added Artificial Intelligence (AIML) and integrated over on top of ElizaBot to entertain users when they have no human peer. It currently recevies 500+ Visits daily and a new conversation is initiated in every 2 minutes.

    Spring '14

    I developed an online 2D to 3D image wrapper, using jQuery 3D library and PHP at back-end. I used HTML5 canvas and three.js which is a 3D jQuery library. It allows the user to dynamically upload any 2D image and see a 3D version of it. The project is live and it is also available on Github

    Online Image Processor
    Spring '14

    As a part of my Digital Image Processing course, I made an online image processing tool using Paintbrush.js. It allows users to edit their images and apply image processing filters and see changes on the fly in their browser. It is more or less an online image editing tool . I made it open source and it is also available on Github

    Ethical Hacking
    Spring '14

    I love ethical hacking and breaking in to the system. On a family bet, I took a challenge to hack into my neighbour's Wifi. Guess what, I successfully cracked Wifi Password having WPA-2 encryption. I used BackTrack Linux and used brute-forcing on WPS vulnerability in routers.

    Sentiment Analysis
    Spring '14

    I made a Sentiment Analyzer using various APIs to gather data and analyse the current trends of a particular hot topic. Sources include Google Trends , Twitter, Youtube, Flicker. I used Microsoft .Net Framework, MVC and C#

    Captcha Decoder
    Spring '14

    Worked with a team of 4 and wrote a Python script to automatically decode captcha using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The training set consisted of various computerized captchas. We used "Multivalued image decomposition" algorithm and achieved an 80 % success rate.

    Virtual Politics
    Fall '13

    Developed a portal for people to discuss politics. This portal also showed the election results from various constituencies of Pakistan. People could visit the profiles of leaders and discuss about their performance. We used J2EE , Hibernate , Jquery, Bootstrap, oAuth

    People Like You
    Fall '13

    Inspired from the idea of Facebook and Linkedin (People you may know). I made a module to find similarities between users based on their activities and mutual friends. The implementation was applied at Swaggable . User activities range from trials (invites), reviews, wants and preferences. Used various Data Structures and Sorting Algorithms in PHP

    Employee Locator
    Spring '12 - Spring '13

    Wrote code which used the jQuery Map Highlight to find the current location of any faculty member or student and display on an indoor map of SEECS Used jQuery, HTML5, MySQL Database, PHP

    Kingle - Gesture & Voice Based Google Earth Navigation
    Spring '14 - Autumn'15

    As my final year project (FYP), I developed an application called Kingle (Kinect + Google Earth) to create a Natural User Interface (NUI) for controlling navigation apps including Google Earth, Maps and Street View. I used Microsoft Kinect Sensor for Recognizing Gestures and Javascript for Speech Recognition. See Demo here. I also made a tutorial on how to use it. See here. Used Kinect SDK, C#, HTML5, Annyang.js, Google Maps API and Google Earth Javascript API.

    And a little bit about me...

    Half Moon Bay, California

    I am a sapiosexual and I enjoy intelligent conversations. A conversation without disagreements is the boring of all.

    I love making beautiful and aesthetic websites. I say,
    "If it has a screen, I will design for it"

    I spend my leisure time reading and writing on Quora. I have a very inquisitive nature and I love Curiosity.

    I like travelling, running and fooding. I have a passion of technology and latest gadgets. One of my dreams is to travel around the whole world. I like talking to strangers and doing things outside my comfort zone.

    I do Break-Dancing and hence I enjoy listening rock and pop music. Some of my favourite singers are Micheal Jackson, Eminem, Enrique.

    My Myers-Briggs Type Indicator(MBTI) is INTJ. The famous people I supposedly share my personality type with are
    Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking.

    And the resume...